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As a partner to most transit agencies of all sizes across the U.S. and Canada for over 40 years, Genfare is uniquely positioned to elevate public transit and advance equitable mobility. Fare collection does not exist in a vacuum, but rather is part of a larger strategy to improve the transit experience. Genfare can help agencies achieve their goals, whether it’s through our solutions, our advocacy and thought leadership, or even help applying for grants.

About Us

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Genfare has built more than 80% of the validating fareboxes in the U.S. and Canada.
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Genfare equipment is in service in more than 400 transit agencies throughout North America.
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Genfare Link® is the leading cloud-hosted fare processing platform, with more than 50 instances in service and growing.

Fare collection solutions

To appeal to riders, transit needs to accept whatever form of payment is in riders pockets. This requires the latest hardware, software, and services in a coordinated suite of solutions customized for each agency’s unique fare collection system needs.

How can we add the option for riders pay their fares with credit cards or mobile wallets?

Adopting open payment lets riders pay with the contactless bank cards or mobile wallets they already carry. Riders just get on the bus and tap their debit or credit card or scan the mobile wallet on their smartphone or watch, and rest assured they are paying the right fare. Fast Fare® fareboxes can be upgraded to add open payment capability, or an Open Link validator can be mounted next to the farebox.

Open Payment

How can we reduce the cost of fare collection to dedicate more of our operating budget to providing service?

One way to reduce the pressure of rising operating budgets is to invest capital funds in a fare collection solution that lets you keep more of every dollar collected at the farebox. Genfare offers cost-effective hardware and software that reduces the burden of fare collection by simplifying revenue operations.

Fare Collection

How can transit compete with the flexibility of microtransit and other modalities?

Riders want options. Open cloud-based systems paired with mobile trip planning and ticketing platforms make it possible to not beat alternatives to transit, but to join them. Genfare's mobile ticketing solutions pair open APIs to leverage interoperability with microtransit and shared ride providers with transit agency-branded platforms for a simplified rider experience.

Mobile Ticketing

How can we help unbanked riders take advantage of fare structures facilitated by smart cards and open payments?

Empowering equitable mobility means meeting riders where they are. While it's crucial to continue to accept cash at the farebox, cash-paying riders can't take advantage of fare capping, transfers, and other fare structures. Making it convenient for them to digitize cash to their choice of card-based or account-based fare media makes the savings fare structures offer available to unbanked riders.

Retail Solutions

How can we ensure security to prevent the theft of both data and cash?

Safety and security of revenue from the farebox to the counting room, and of data from the point of sale to the bank, is a top priority of every Genfare solution. From pry-proof steel fareboxes to durable vaults, and from tokenization of bank account information to redundancies of AWS data warehouses, we take every precaution to earn your transit agency's peace of mind knowing every transaction is secure.

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Genfare’s service offerings create peace of mind knowing we will be with you every step of the way from implementation through installation, and across the long lifespan of your products. We offer a variety of scaleable packages for training, maintenance and repair, and technical support, along with a deep commitment to customer care and account management.

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Journey with Genfare

We want to elevate transit, not just for riders, but also for the agency and the whole community. Learn how Genfare can help your agency increase ridership and raise revenue with our simplified, empowered, and connected equitable mobility solutions.