Mobile Link™ is Genfare’s full-featured mobile ticketing application that allows riders to plan trips and buy instant tickets on their smartphones, reducing the need for cash fares. The interface reflects the agency’s branding and includes secure payment processing, rider account management, and offline ticket validation.

  • Plan, book, and buy tickets anywhere, any time
  • Free download on iOS and Android app stores
  • Riders can choose to be anonymous or create an account


Purchased tickets are inactive and stored in the rider’s account until activated at the time of use. The ticket is automatically validated by the barcode scanner on a Genfare fare collection device or 3rd party validator or visually inspected by the driver.


Unbanked riders can deposit cash in their mobile ticket accounts using Genfare’s point of sale terminals or retail networks, or purchase tickets with Apple Pay, Google Pay, stored value accounts, or vouchers. Tickets are readily recoverable if the phone is lost or damaged.


All transaction and ridership data resides in Genfare Link® which enables the agency to monitor ridership and revenue trends across all fare media. Riders can easily view current tickets, expiration dates, and account balances on the app or through e-Fare website.

Smart wallets

Integrates with smartphone mobile wallets for quick access to tickets.

Trip planner

Google location-based real-time trip planner provides maps, directions, and fare and route information.


Service advisories, push notifications, and vehicle tracking may be enabled.

Mobility Link

Mobility Link is a mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) solution that connects to third-party mobility providers such as bike, scooter or rideshare apps, allowing riders to plan, book, and pay for multimodal journeys.

Mobile Select

Mobile Select leverages open application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable the agency to administer their fare collection system and see all sales and ridership data in one place by integrating a third-party mobile app with Genfare’s cloud-hosted fare processing platform, Genfare Link.

Increase revenue with a 24/7 mobile ticketing app.

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