When you invest in a Genfare fare collection solution, our Field Services team will do what it takes to make sure the installation goes smoothly so you can begin using it right away. We anticipate the challenges inherent in each situation and have the experience to work through any unexpected issues. And it doesn’t end there –we connect your hardware to power, the internet, your CAD/AVL, and Genfare Link®, then test it to make sure all systems are in sync.


  • Expert installation
  • Mounting modification
  • Issue resolution

Site survey

The installation process begins well before delivery with a thorough site survey that ensures there are no surprises and that every cable, bracket, tool and supply needed for your fleet is on hand.

Installation planning

We arrive for installation with detailed checklists for every product written with input from your Genfare program manager so everything is up to spec right from the beginning.

Firmware updates

Our Field Services team works closely with Genfare’s technical support team to make sure your products and solutions are connected, updated, and work together seamlessly upon launch.


Custom tailored

Every transit agency is different, so it matters that our Field Services experts have decades of experience with your Genfare products, as well as every type of fleet and facilities where your fare collection solution is installed. We take into account the unique qualities of each bus, garage, and depot to plan for a fast and successful installation.

Journey with Genfare

We want to elevate transit, not just for riders, but also for the agency and the whole community. Learn how Genfare can help your agency increase ridership and raise revenue with our simplified, empowered, and connected equitable mobility solutions.