Genfare’s e-Fare® online ticketing portal empowers riders to securely view, manage, and fund electronic ticketing media such as mobile tickets, limited use contactless cards, and smart cards using any web-enabled device.

  • Available on any web-enabled device 24/7
  • Compatible with any smart fare media
  • Choice of anonymous guest user or registered account


The e-Fare portal uses agency branding and is integrated into the agency’s existing online presence for a seamless user experience. Removing barriers to electronic fare payment reduces cash on board.


e-Fare helps agencies reduce dwell time and cash collection with an offboard fare payment method available 24/7 using the rider’s web browser. It also reduces the need for ticket vending machines or point of sale locations.


e-Fare is integrated with Genfare Link®, Genfare’s cloud based fare processing platform to facilitate order fulfillment and consolidated transaction reporting. Riders who create accounts can also add funds at ticket vending machines or at point of sale locations.


Payment with a credit or debit card is processed through a secure PCI-compliant payment processing system with safeguards against fraud and funds are deposited into the transit agency’s bank account immediately. Guest user accounts provide anonymity and don’t store credit/debit card payment information.

Improved cash flow

Online sales are credited to the agency’s bank account quickly and seamlessly.

Simplified fulfillment

Newly purchased fare media can be held for customer pickup or mailed.

Configurable roles and permissions

Agencies have the flexibility to define system administration and customer service functions.

Automatic account replenishment

Auto reload available via credit/debit card information securely stored by payment processor.

Immediate balance updates

Account balances are immediately updated and available for use as soon as fare collection devices resync with central data system.

Account management

Riders can request replacement of lost or stolen cards view card status, balance, and history, plus manage multiple cards on the same account.

Add the e-Fare online ticketing portal to your agency’s website.

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