The moment your agency considers a Genfare fare collection solution, a dedicated program management team starts working for you behind the scenes. They are involved from the proposal phase all the way through every step of your implementation – from specification through installation — acting as your advocates in an environment of continuous improvement. Once your contract is signed, your program manager becomes your liaison to Genfare, keeping communication flowing to make sure everyone is on the same page, on budget, and on schedule.


  • Advocate for customers
  • Drive implementation schedules
  • Maintain a single point of contact

We ask the right questions

We take the time to discover your agency’s needs, not just tell you what our solutions can do. We connect the dots to make sure your investment is the best one for you.

We do our homework

Our discovery process goes deep, so that we can understand your challenges and needs from the perspective of everyone from your administration to your drivers and technicians.

We have all the answers

Our program managers are engineers with years of industry experience, and know firsthand what works and what doesn’t work, and what our products can and can’t do.

We are your advocate

We are in your corner every step of the way, connecting your agency and Genfare. We even stick around after the launch to make sure it’s running smoothly.

We keep in touch

For the three-to-15 months it takes from SOW to installation, we stay in constant communication to make sure the entire team, both at Genfare and at your agency, is in alignment.

We deliver on time

We make sure your implementation stays on schedule, and keep every step of the process from specification through installation on track for an on-time launch.


What you need > What you want

We don’t just ask what our customers want; we help them determine what they need. As your partner, we get to know you, your transit agency, and the community you serve. Only then does our engineering side kick in. We go beyond pushing papers and writing schedules — we use our knowledge of all things transit to bring each project to fruition.

Journey with Genfare

We want to elevate transit, not just for riders, but also for the agency and the whole community. Learn how Genfare can help your agency increase ridership and raise revenue with our simplified, empowered, and connected equitable mobility solutions.