Fare collection products can last a very long time when maintained properly. Genfare offers transit agencies the option to outsource maintenance to expert technicians who know the equipment inside and out. We have scalable maintenance and repair solutions for agencies of any size and location that take into account where the equipment is installed, usage conditions, and whether the agency prioritizes limiting maintenance and repair costs or downtime.


  • Maintenance managed services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Product repairs

Regional service centers

Genfare has fully-equipped Maintenance Managed Services centers on both coasts and in the Midwest to put highly-trained maintenance and repair managed services technicians, as well as parts, closer to our customers.

On-site service technicians

Larger transit agencies may opt to keep dedicated Genfare managed services technicians on-site at their agencies to provide expertise to local maintenance and repair staff as well as service.

Remote and on-site repairs

Transit agencies can ship components to Genfare service centers for repairs and refurbishment, or Genfare can dispatch a technician to the agency.

Maintenance scheduling

Genfare provides customers with preventive maintenance schedules and documentation customized to their equipment to aid agency maintenance staff in keeping products in service.

Update deployment

We can deploy updates when the agency chooses to adopt them, extending the life of the solutions with the latest technology.

Access to experts

Our technicians are highly trained in our solutions and have just about seen it all, but in case of unusual situations, they have direct access to Genfare engineers.


Flexible maintenance programs

Genfare’s maintenance and repair programs aren’t one-size-fits-all. We’ll work with your agency to craft a maintenance program that works best for you, whether it’s all-inclusive or on-demand, or somewhere in-between.

Journey with Genfare

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