2018 has come and gone like an on-time bus. Many great things have happened in the past year for Genfare, our customers and the industry as a whole. Taking a look back at the year, we have seen growth, technological advances, and new innovative solutions.

One of the biggest highlights of our year is all the time we spent with clients and industry friends at several American Public Transportation Association (APTA) shows throughout the year. The Genfare Team appreciated the hospitality of the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) and APTA at the Fare Collection/Revenue Management & TransITech Conference in April. We very much enjoyed the discussions surrounding Mobility as a Solution (MaaS) and leveraging Big Data from a transit agency perspective.

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In September, at the APTA Annual meeting in Nashville, Genfare celebrated by launching our free Mobile campaign at our booth. And in November at the APTA Industry Leadership Summit in Washington DC we led the “Individualizing the Mass Transit Experience” panel and had a very successful discussion with transit CEOs from Austin, TX to Flint, MI.

2018 also brought a lot of change to the Team at Genfare.  Several changes to the sales team took place including the promotion of Mark Mahon to National Sales Director, the hiring of Judy Dennis to replace Mark Mahon as the Western Region Sales Director and the most recent addition of Daniel Gorey as the new dedicated Mobile Sales Manager.

2018 was also about sharing ideas and information that can help our clients. Knowing that your revenue is secure is every agency’s priority. Our Securing Your Revenue white paper, included The Penny Test to demonstrate how agency’s can test the software and hardware functionality of the cashbox and bin ID functionality. Learn more about revenue security by downloading your copy of Securing Your Revenue white paper. Another noteworthy white paper takes a close look into Minot, North Dakota’s preventative maintenance program, highlighting several best practices all agencies can learn from. Learn more by downloading a copy of Preventive Maintenance Case Study: Minot, ND. And in the highly informative white paper Transforming Big Data Into Actionable Insight download your copy to learn what Big Data means to your transit agency and how it can be leveraged as actionable insight to make informed decisions.

All in all, it has been a great year with much accomplished and all of us at Genfare are looking forward to what 2019 has in store!