The Genfare software support agreement (SSA) is a technical support package for existing Genfare customers. SSAs are designed to provide Genfare customers with the highest level of technical support and customer service.


  • Customer Portal access for self-service support and RMA requests
  • Fare structure changes
  • 3-day on-site or virtual system review

Faster and more efficient service

SSA customers receive first priority for their technical and customer service needs. The ability to create and manage support cases from the Customer Portal makes customer service more efficient and easier to manage.

Cost reduction

Customers who have greater need for technical support, like those undergoing software upgrades or those with older systems with more frequent issues, experience cost savings with an SSA. Rather than paying for technical support on a case-by-case basis, these customers instead pay the an all-inclusive annual subscription fee.

Training and learning opportunities

All tiers include access to the Customer Portal, with resources to help you make the most of your Genfare hardware and software solutions, including Knowledge Base articles and how-to videos for Genfare hardware maintenance.

Home page for Genfare Customer Portal

Access the Customer Portal as part of your Genfare Software Support Agreement

The Genfare Customer Portal is our online self-service platform where customers can create support tickets and manage repair material authorizations (RMAs). This makes it easy to share all the relevant information, including pictures or screen shots, and is available 24/7. The portal also has user guides, training materials, how-to videos, and other information you can search to get answers on the spot.

All tiers of software support agreements have access to the Customer Portal.

If your organization has Customer Portal access but needs support in using it, contact your Account Manager to schedule a demo.

Visit the Genfare Customer Portal

Genfare SSA tiers

Genfare SSA subscription options

There are three tiers of Genfare SSAs, crafted based on your transit agency’s software solution and your staff’s needs.

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Learn how your agency could benefit from a Genfare SSA

SSAs provide you with the highest level of Genfare service. With an SSA, you are the first priority for Customer Care and Technical Support responses and have access to the Customer Portal – a platform that makes your experience as a Genfare customer simpler and easier to manage.

Learn more about how your transit agency can benefit from an SSA based on your software solutions by scheduling time with your Account Manager.

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Frequently asked questions

Which Genfare customers are eligible for a software support agreement?

All Genfare customers are eligible and can benefit from a software support agreement.

Which Genfare customers experience the most cost savings from an SSA?

Customers who are currently undergoing software upgrades will likely have the highest need for ongoing technical support. These customers benefit most from a subscription model for technical support, rather than paying by the case.

Once I have an SSA, how do I access the Customer Portal?

Customers with access can visit the Customer Portal through this link:

If your transit agency has a service agreement with Genfare but you do not have access to the Customer Portal, you’ll need to request access through your transit agency’s administration.

How many transit agency staff members have access to the Customer Portal?

SSA customers have the following number of Customer Portal users based on support tier: Silver – up to 4 users; Gold – up to 6 users; Platinum – up to 8 users.