Dear Integrator Partner:

  • JPMC is moving away from Symantec as the primary external issuer of certificates in response to distrust of Symantec certificates. This is an industry-wide issue that we are remediating now.
  • Legacy Symantec certificates will be expiring in early 2019 and all terminals in the field must be ready to cutover to the new certificate by 3/30/19.
  • Please ensure the Root CA: VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary CA G5 is addedto the trust store included in your payment solution; however Do not remove any existing certificates.
  • Root CA: VeriSign Class 3 Public Primary CA G5 can be accessed through the Developer Center, under Documentation (NetConnect SSL certificates)
  • Effective 9/25/18, the new certificates will be available in the Test/VAR environment; in order to test the new certificate.
  • You will need to validate in the Test/VAR environment against the new certificate and associated intermediate certificates. The following 2 test URLs will be available with the new certificate in the Test/VAR environment:
  • Frequently check Developer Center for the latest updates on the certificate
  • JPMC will advise merchants to contact their Integrator to ensure compliance (communications in waves) so we appreciate your feedback on this change to direct merchants accordingly.

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