The OCU has been officially sunset by Genfare. This End of Life Announcement (EOL) is to notify our clients the equipment and software is no longer upgradable or available for purchase.

Operator Control Unit (OCU)

The manufacturer of the processing boards ceased production, and we can no longer acquire the processing boards necessary.

Genfare will continue to service and provide replacement parts for as long as they are available. Should you need to replace a part, please contact your customer service representative. If you are looking to repair a component, please contact us for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA).

Moving forward, we recommend upgrading your equipment to an Operator Control Unit 2.0 (OCU 2.0) to ensure serviceability. 

OCU 2.0
Operator Control Unit 2.0 (OCU 2.0)

Please reach out to your appropriate sales point of contact to discuss your options.


Q. Are the two units compatible to run on the same fleet?

A. Yes, OCU and OCU 2.0 are compatible to work with your fleet of fareboxes.

Q. Is the new unit “backward compatible”?

A. Yes, irrespective of your existing hardware and configuration, the OCU can be replaced with OCU 2.0.

Q. Do both units work the same?

A. Yes, the buttons and button positions are unchanged, making this a seamless transition for operators.

Q. Does my warranty extend or start over if I use a new unit?

A. The purchase of a new OCU 2.0 unit will come with a full, new warranty.