March 12, 2019

Chase announced on February 8, 2019 an update that impacts any certifications to Chase using the NetConnect protocol for sending payment information via the Internet to either of the Chase authorization hosts. Read the full announcement.

Based on your ticket vending machine you have one of two solutions: Vx700 or Bezel 8


Genfare announced the end of life for VX700s via the website through the Customer Updates header on October 14, 2016: Upon this announcement, your agency in cooperation with Genfare should have started arranging to upgrade your ticket vending equipment.

We tested a Vx700 with the following internal firmware versions, and the credit cards processed with the new test URL provided by Chase. The risk is that the payment terminal is not validating the originator/origin of the request.

  • VCS :
  • TCPIP :
  • UCL :
  • IPDL: 1.9.0
  • VMAC :
  • Software Version : 01. 04. 15

Genfare is not guaranteeing this will continue to operate after the Chase replacement is put in place and the only option for continued support is through the Bezel 8 upgrade.

Bezel 8

If you have upgraded your Bezel 8, you will need to have the following or higher software versions and an updated configuration to ensure the payment terminal will validate the originator of the payment request.

  • Bezel 8 2.3.12 and with ROOT_VFY set to YES
  • TVM v6.19.03

To discuss your options, please contact our customer care team at 847.871.1231 or  and either our Outside Sales or Aftermarket Sale Team will be happy to quote you the support needed to make this software update a success.