The Wave Transit Upgrades Their Fare Collection Solution

Genfare Link is the backbone of an simplified fare collection solution that expands the types of payments and the amount of valuable data The Wave collects.

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The Challenge

The Wave Transit in Mobile, Alabama, wanted to accept any kind of payment – cash and coin, smartcard, or through a mobile app. In addition, The Wave wanted to update their technology to make payment processing effortless without having a separate system for cash and coin.

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The Solution

Fast Fare fareboxes that accept cash, coin, smartcards, or tickets from the mobile app allow The Wave riders to pay with whatever they have in their pocket. The upgraded fare collection system gave The Wave an all-in-one solution and the ability to make data-driven decisions guided by powerful analytics, while implementing measures like fare capping.

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The Results

Successful equipment and software upgrades required a significant financial investment and buy-in from riders. Through communication of the upcoming changes riders were prepared for the upgrade and accepted the new features and capabilities. Onboarding Specialist with The Wave, Shandrea Spencer said riders “like being able to tap their smartcards, rather than swiping magnetics.”

The Wave is excited about their next phase of installing validators in their paratransit vehicles to provide a new means of payment. The future of transit lies in continuing to reduce barriers and extend equitable mobility to as many people as possible.

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