Genfare is devoted to ensuring your transit agency feels supported at every step of our partnership. Because each agency has a unique fare collection solution, we assign a dedicated customer care partner who builds a relationship with your agency, getting to know your staff as well as your hardware and software.  

Genfare customer care partners for East, West, Central regions and Fare Media

Meet the Genfare customer care team  


Genfare transit agency partners work closely with one of the following customer care partners:  

Your customer care partner is always prepared to answer questions, provide resources, and assist with requests. Learn more about the team and why they’re committed to improving public transit through customer service by reading their stories below.  


Anthony Scimo 

Anthony Scimo

Anthony Scimo has worked at Genfare for more than 10 years, initially joining the company to work for the parts team in the stockroom. After four years on the parts team, he joined the customer care team supporting customers in our East and West regions, and now supporting media orders. 

What’s kept him at Genfare for so long? “Longevity. There are folks who have worked here for more than 20 years – they must have a reason to love this place!”  



“The best part about working at Genfare is knowing how many people rely on our product daily. I also love seeing our fareboxes in movies!”  

Genfare farebox (CENTSabill) on the Jane the Virgin TV show

Genfare’s CENTSAaBILL farebox on the pilot episode of Jane the Virgin

Anthony’s experience on the parts team is especially beneficial in customer care because he has extensive knowledge of individual parts and how they function in the farebox. He shared, “As a customer care partner, I feel confident troubleshooting hardware issues over the phone because I have experience pulling parts.”  

Outside of work, Anthony is an avid weightlifter and enjoys hiking at the forest preserve with his nine-year-old niece.  


Daniel Jourdan 

Daniel JourdanDaniel Jourdan took countless rides on the Metra train and CTA bus while growing up in the Chicago area. “All those times I swiped my card on the farebox or ticket vending machine without knowing where they came from or how they were made. Now, I can say, ‘Hey, I work there!’”

Now, as a customer care partner, he has a strong knowledge of the Fast Fare farebox and its inner workings after supporting live demonstrations. Just like our other customer care partners, Daniel is dedicated to providing fast and efficient customer service. Here’s one of his proudest moments in customer support:

“Our customer in Beaumont, Texas reached out on Friday morning in need of universal probes as soon as possible. Teresa [Manikowski] and I were able to secure a probe, get it through QA and have them program it, and shipped by Friday afternoon. I was very proud when Beaumont called on Monday morning saying they’d received the probe in time. I’m proud that my customers know they’re in good hands.”

In his free time, Daniel is a skilled hiker – his favorite hiking spots are Starved Rock and Matthiessen State Parks. He also plays in a pickleball league.


Bernadette Saraga 

Bernadette Saraga

When Bernadette Saraga joined the Genfare customer care team, she was responsible for the entire West region and Canada, which includes more than 100 transit agencies in California. Despite the heavy workload, she excelled and earned the highest number of customer satisfaction surveys with positive responses – customers appreciated her responsiveness.  

Her start at Genfare is a testament to Bernadette’s work ethic and the determination that exists on the customer care team. When asked what she loves about working at Genfare, Bernadette says, “Every day is different and everyone who works here cares about the work that they do.” 

In her downtime, Bernadette’s priority is family time with her children, granddaughter, niece, and dogs. The dogs have their very own Instagram account!  

Bernadettes Dog 2


Cindy Mattera 

Cindy MatteraJoin us in welcoming Cindy Mattera to the Genfare customer care team! We’re grateful to have Cindy on the team supporting our East region alongside Jennille Logan and Keith Gerstner. In her first month on the team, Cindy has spent significant time meeting customers and learning about their needs.  

Prior to joining Genfare, Cindy worked in customer service for a dental supplies company. “I enjoy working closely with customers and have extensive experience in placing orders in SAP, so the role here at Genfare was a great fit.”  

Cindy’s hobbies include working out and cooking Italian food.  



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