Genfare can help make your bus/bus facility grant application stand out.

On January 27, 2023, the Federal Transit Administration made available $1.7 billion to support transit agencies in modernizing their bus fleets with low- and no-emission buses, renovating and constructing bus facilities, modernizing buses, and supporting workforce development.

Within the funding made available, $1.22 billion is for the Low-No Bus program that helps agencies fund the transition to low and no-emission vehicles, including electric buses. An additional $469 million is made available under the bus/bus facility program that can help agencies modernize, replace, and expand their bus fleets.

This is the second round of funding made available since the passage of IIJA. Applications are due April 13, 2023. Genfare wants to help you write a winning grant application.

3 ways Genfare can help with your grant applications

  1. Helping Your Application Stand Out – While much of this funding goes to help agencies rehabilitate, expand, and green bus fleets, modernizing fare collection is an eligible activity. Modernizing bus fleets as a part of this grant program can help increase ridership, broaden fare payment options, and reduce boarding time. More importantly, it can improve fare equity. We’d love to talk with you about how we can help make your application stand out with tools to improve fare collection.
  2. Sharing Our Expertise – Genfare understands that we are part of a large community that is dedicated to elevating transit in this country. With this in mind, we are making available our advocacy and funding experts who have helped agencies of all sizes apply for and secure grants. So, if you are looking for ideas on how to make your application stronger or are looking for thoughts on how to be successful, let’s set up some time with our experts to discuss your application at no cost or burden to you – it’s a part of our commitment to improve transit and support our partners. Let us know how our experts can help you!  
  3. Writing Letters of Support – Genfare benefits when you benefit, and modernizing bus fleets helps everyone. While IIJA significantly increased the amount of funding available under these programs, they remain highly competitive, and every letter of support matters. We will lend our voice and support by writing a letter that emphasizes the benefits of your application. Email us and we are more than happy to add our voice to support your grant request.

If your transit agency decides to sit out this round of federal funding, remember to reach out to Genfare for support with the next one.